Hotel Development Group’s (HDG) plan is to develop Hilton Garden Inns across metropolitan and regional Australia. Wherever anyone chooses to travel, whether on business or as a tourist, we want there to be a Hilton Garden Inn nearby to meet their needs.

Our intention is to capitalise on booming Australian tourism by facilitating Hilton Garden Inn’s (HGI) entry into the market with high-quality, globally branded, purpose built and affordable accommodation.

Sophisticated investors can be part of this compelling and profitable plan with stakes that suit their investment appetite. Whether you are a developer, fund manager or sophisticated investor, Hotel Development Group can syndicate and facilitate your entry into hotel ownership.

Investing in hotels requires skill and knowledge in addition to financial analysis. This includes an understanding of the hospitality industry and the difference between a standard development project and the development of a hotel, which involves the fusion of developing a building and a business. At the outset, a potential hotel requires a detailed feasibility study of site selection, its capacity and the city and region, along with a competitive analysis to determine the style and category of product and its appropriate branding. It requires extensive design knowledge, with an insight into operational, technical and brand requirements.

Hotel Development Group have an agreement with Hilton to roll out Hilton Garden Inns and, in doing so, handles all matters pertaining to site selection, design and feasibilities (such as market demand, business models with five year projected operating expenses, expected operating profits as well as valuations on completion). HDG have several sources of competitive senior debt, with certain lenders offering higher LVR’s than traditional lenders.